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Why We’re a Community
Here at Golden State Greyhound Adoptions

"A community is more than a group of people, it is a shared commitment to a common goal that knits both hearts and lives together"Anonymous.

We asked some of our volunteers, "Why are you involved in Greyhound Rescue, and why did you choose G.S.G.A.?"

Co-Founders, President and Treasurer - Stuart & Barbara Homer
"When we adopted our first greyhound Maxie in 1996, having her was a great experience". We not only gained a new companion, we also had the satisfaction of knowing that we had saved the life of an ex-racing dog. We had moments though at first, where we wished we had someone to help us guide our Maxie in making the transition from life as a racer to our home, easier. We did our homework and learned on our own, and Maxie enriched our lives for 9½ wonderful years.

In 2002, we started Golden State Greyhound Adoption with the idea of creating a close-knit community where support for new greyhound adopters would be only a phone call away. We wanted to make sure that help would always be available in making their new retired racers transition to life as "couch potatoes", a smooth and easy one. We are proud to say that, "When you adopt from GSGA you are never alone - you become part of a community that will always be there to extend support to you whenever you need it." You can participate in on-line forums and meet other adopters, we offer you opportunities to become a volunteer, take part in our organized play dates and have fun at our annual picnic. We also recommend veterinarians, boarding facilities, and more.

Our passion remains - to find the best homes for these wonderful retired racers. That mission has not waned over the years – it has only grown stronger. We continue to offer; more information, group activities, and on-line resources to strengthen your bond with your hound. It is our greatest joy to see our group and volunteer organization grow and to participate in the adoption of these fine companions. Ultimately our joy is seeing these deserving dogs go to great homes.

Vice President Shelley, Adoption Placement San Francisco and Peninsula, - Shelley and Jon Eriksen
"Jon and I contacted a lot of greyhound rescue groups. We asked a lot of questions. It was important that we find a group to volunteer with that would work with us. After we began fostering newly rescued hounds, we soon found ourselves becoming more and more invested personally and emotionally in the welfare of these amazing dogs. These rescued greyhounds are so deserving of our love and a real home."

"Perhaps the most important thing of all about Golden State Greyhound Adoption is that we try to make each decision for the benefit of the dog."

Member of the Board, Director of fundraising programs – Kris Balloun
"Golden State Greyhound Adoption doesn’t just give you a dog and send you on your way. You become part of a supportive group with other adopters. We’ve made some wonderful friends and always have somewhere to turn when we need information about our greyhounds."

ALAMEDA Meet & Greet Host - GSGA Secretary – Leslie DeLange
"I have always been a sighthound fan. I think they are the most beautiful, graceful dogs on the planet. I always wanted to adopt a greyhound, since I first learned of their fate after their racing career ended. Tom and I did apply to adopt many years ago with another adoption group, but the timing wasn't right and we weren't able to make the move. When our circumstances changed, we applied with GSGA and our lives were blessed with the addition of our black beauty, Sadie. Sadie and I began attending the Alameda Meet & Greet, then hosted by Sharon Caplan, a month after her adoption. Sadie has always been a perfect meet and greet dog. She is just gregarious.  About seven months later, we saw Victor's photo on the GSGA website as a returned dog and I fell in love again. We had been talking about a second dog for several months, and Tom finally relented, if I could get my boss to let me bring two greyhounds to work every day. Needless to say, my boss rocks! Soon there were five regular dogs at the Alameda M&G, Sharon's three and my two. Then Sharon retired, moved to Guerneville, and I began hosting at Alameda.  I try to volunteer for as many events as I can, because I believe in this cause and I think GSGA is the best greyhound adoption group out there. The support from the Yahoo group site and the Facebook page is extraordinary. Our adopters are always there for each other. And that is awesome. I also foster as often as possible, which is pretty much every dog haul. Fostering is the best! I love to see the new dogs learn the ropes and discover that life after racing is the best thing they've known. It is sometimes difficult to see them move on, but I know they will be in good homes, because I trust Stu and Barbara, and I know Tom and I will soon have another newbie to love for a few weeks. "

SAN JOSE Meet and Greet Host - Mary Collins
"Beyond liking greyhounds, greyhound rescue is a worthy cause. I only volunteer in things that really interest me, and that are important to me. One of the most important elements in choosing an organization is finding one that is well run and Golden State Greyhound Adoption is!"

ROSEVILLE Meet & Greet Hosts - Janice and John Friesen
"Pepper a greyhound with black with white feet was our first adoption from Golden State Greyhound Adoption. Extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle. In less than six months we were to return to Walnut Creek with our daughter and son-in-law. While our kids were adopting our grand pup Onyx, we signed papers for Stella our second girl. She was white with brindle spots and so soft you could not stop petting her. When working the "haul" for July of 2015, I fell in love with our Brindle girl Chili. She like a glove has fit in our home and brought us with unmeasurable happiness. GSGA's Barbra and Stu wish to perfectly match your family with a Golden State greyhound. Begin by visiting one of our greyhound meet and greets. You will find us co-hosting with GSGA's Bob and Kathy Linder in Roseville."

Stonestown San Francisco Meet & Greet Hosts - Elizabeth and Steve
"We are forever grateful to Golden State Greyhound Adoption for trusting us with our sweet hound Bodhi. The group takes great care and effort to ensure each greyhound is matched with the right family and continues to provide support to make sure that all goes well. In our case, that meant ensuring a great match not only for us but for our little chihuahua mix Bruno, and supporting us as we made sure they established a bond. They are never too busy to answer our questions (even when asked multiple times). We are proud to be a part of this organization, even in a small way. Hosting the Stonestown Meet and Greet is loads of fun and a great way to meet other San Francisco GSGA adopters. It also allows us a way to educate the public about these amazing ex-racers. "

BLOSSOM HILL SOUTH SAN JOSE - Meet & Greet Host - Stacey Olson
"After being without a dog in our family for 20 years, it was time! My husband, Doug, had never had a dog before and while open to the idea, he was very concerned that we got the right dog for our family situation and environment. I was very interested in greyhounds (a true rescue!). Golden State Greyhound was by far the best resource on so many levels for my research to see if a hound was the right fit for us. Not only did I get all the background I needed to make a decision, I realized they are very committed to finding forever homes and not taking placement lightly. Well, fast forward to today, we have two hounds in our family, Pixie and Chaos, and cannot imagine our life before them. I volunteer with the group now so that I can give back for all the joy that Pixie and Chaos have added to our family."

ALMADEN SOUTH SAN JOSE - Meet & Greet Host - Cathy Cunningham
"I have always had dogs my entire life. As a child we had a greyhound that we had gotten from a San Jose breeder, he was the runt of the litter and was a wonderful dog. As an adult my husband and I had many dogs. A few years ago I told my husband the next dog I wanted was a retired greyhound. I have never once regretted bringing the joy and love of my two greys into my life."

Walnut CREEK - Meet and Greet Host – Pam Buck
My first interest in Greyhounds was a result of a display of pictures and information on the Greyhound races in the Phoenix airport several years ago. My husband and I were walking through the airport and we looked at the pictures and I said, "I think I will look into a Greyhound the next time we are ready to adopt a dog". When Tequila passed away (my other perfect dog), I remembered that display and did an online search to learn more about the Greyhound. Low and behold I found a rescue organization in my backyard. Called the number, Stu answered and the rest is history. I have two wonderful girls, Jada and Luna. They are just the best dogs I've ever had.

Danville Meet and Greet Host - Eileen
"Since getting my first greyhound, Elvis, in 2002, I've become a passionate and ardent supporter of greyhound rescue and want to do everything possible to help find homes for these beautiful, gentle creatures. I'm currently on greyhounds #4 Hazel (the fawn) and #5 Aiden (the black boy). Golden State Greyhound Adoption is an amazing community of supportive and knowledgeable people who love their dogs as much as I love mine. I'll be forever grateful to Stu and Barbara for continuing to match me with perfect dogs who enrich my life more than I can ever describe."

NOVATO - Meet and Greet Host – Teresa King
Teresa and her greyhounds host our Novato meet and greet

OAKLAND / ROCKRIDGE - Meet and Greet Host – Kristen Parker
Kristen and Blew host our Oakland / Rockridge meet and greet.