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Greyhound Stories About Adoption,
Owning as a Pet and Funny Occurances

The main goal of the Golden State Greyhound Adoption group is to rescue as many dogs as we can and then place the dogs into loving homes. Everyone who has adopted a greyhound from us has taken a different path to owning a greyhound. This section is dedicated to telling the many funny, inspiring and loving stories of the generous individuals who have adopted a greyhound through our rescue organization.

Our Journey Started With Watching The Animal Planet Series On Dogs 101- Torsten's Story
Liese and Claudio love dogs but they had to find the right breed. What they were used to, Chows, Dachshunds, Golden would not work. They found the Ex Racing Greyhound.

We Took This Little Skinny Black Ex-Racing Greyhound Home And Now She Is A Beautiful Gorgeous Therapy Greyhound- Marcie's Story
We Already Had Two Greyhounds, But When We Saw This Black Greyhound On The Golden State Greyhound Website, We had To Call And Find Out About Her.

Jacque Wanted a Big Ex-Racing Greyhound Boy and GSGA Found The Perfect Match- Shanti's Story
After Reseaching for a calm couch potato dog Jacque decided on a rescued retired racing Greyhound. Shanti aka Teamwork was the perfect match.

Lucienne wanted a greyhound for a long time, since she was a child. Cricket found her forever home! - Cricket's Story
Lucienne wanted a greyhound since childhood. She waited for a long time to get the household ready but when the time came Cricket raced into her life and became a beloved family member.

I am a blind senior who wanted a companion more than just a guide and I wanted to rescue an ex racing greyhound! - Pepper's Story
John and Janis lost their sixteen year old Ridgeback and now wanted another companion. John is a blind senior and wanted to rescue an ex racer. Could an ex greyhound racer possibly be the right dog for him. He loved his walks and wanted more than a guide. Lots of questions needed to be answered. Golden State Greyhound Adoption help him make his wish come true.

On a stormy, windy night with Greg out of town, and a sick baby the alarms started going off and Nicole needed help for Jasper her greyhound! - Nicole's Story
Nicole was all alone with a sick baby and her ex racing adopted greyhound Jasper on a cold, stormy and windy night. The fire detectors started to beep creating lots of anxiety for Jasper and problems for the baby. Who to turn to? The Golden State Greyhound Adoption private bulletin board.

Craig And Stacy Started Their Journey With A Leap Of Faith! - Ringos' Story
Our journey started with a leap of faith in Golden State Greyhound Adoption. From the start to finish their support is simply tireless. We Adopted Ringo an ex racing greyhound and as they say “Let a greyhound run into your life” and Ringo certainly has.

Emily and Ivan rescue their first ex racing Greyhound! - Fantoms' Story
Emily and Ivan wanted their first dog to be a rescue but they did not know it would be an ex racing greyhound until they visited us at our Concord Meet and Greet. Read Emily's story how Fantom a rescued Greyhound racer ran into their life.

Linda adopts a rescued Greyhound brood matron, her Pete's mom ! - Gottagetamoveons' Story
Read about Linda's first experience with a rescued Greyhound Brood Matron. How easy she found the transition was but also how much love her new retired greyhound gave her. Not to mention Gottagetamoveon was her Pete's mom.

Blessed with a daughter & a rescue greyhound! - Gabe's Story
Read about the coincidental blessing of an adopted daughter and an adopted rescue greyhound. Golden State Greyhound Adoptions helped pair Gabe (a rescued greyhound) with a loving family who wanted a kind, mellow dog that was good with children.

The More I Read I knew I Wanted a Greyhound! - Kizzy's Story
Read about a professional Pet Sitter and her quest to find the right companion. After reading about rescue Greyhounds and meeting them she knew she found the right match. With support from Golden State Greyhound Adoption she found a very supportive organization ensuring her adoption would be successful.

I always dreamed of owning a Greyhound! - Izzy's Story
Read about Laura's first time seeing a greyhound and her journey to adopting and rescuing D's Dream Maker, now her retired ex racing greyhound Izzi.

When I saw an ex racer I knew that is what I wanted! - BJ's and Champ's Story
Read about Ellen's first meeting with an ex-racing greyhound and how she knew that was the dog for her. See how Golden State Greyhound was able to reacue BJ and Champ two ex racing greyhounds and make a forever match.

Although The Procedure Was A Bit Unorthodox We Went By The Rules and Adopted Our Greyhound Jazz! - Jazz's Story
Read about how Mary and her adopted Greyhound Jazz, that was being given up by its owner, found each other and how she became a volunteer for Golden State Greyhound Adoption.

Our Journey Started in August of 2006. Who Knew It Would Be "Love At First Sight"- Zepher's Story
First there was a power outage, then we started to stock shelves, then we had a visitor and I saw my first retired racing greyhound. It Was Love At First Sight.

How Cleo Saved Our Lives- Cleo's Story
No one thinks of an Adopted Retired Racing Greyhound as one to sense danger. Moreover one that will sound a warning. Ask Noelle and Ken they have a different story to tell about Cleo their adopted ex-racing Greyhound.

We Opened Our Hearts To Senior Greyhounds - Brood Matrons- Louise and Nakita's Story
Chris and her Krewe never knew the joy of owning a Senior Greyhound. It wasn't till they opened their heart and let Louise race in, did they understand the true meaning of Greyhound rescue and adoption. Read why adopting a Senior Retired Racer is so rewarding.

Deb brings home her new greyhound to be with her family ! - Tex’s Story
Read about how Deb brought home Tex, her new greyhound, to meet her family and to be with her ailing father. Tex was a big boy but very gentle and a welcomed addition..