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You are here: Greyhound Dog Adoption > Greyhound Stories > Fantom's Story

I Can't Imagine My Life Without Fantom
Fantom's Story

My husband Ivan and I always knew we wanted to have dogs. Although I never had a dog as a child, Ivan grew up with several rescued from the pound. When it came down to it we knew that we wanted a rescue, a dog that would fair well in an apartment, and a large breed. After stumbling upon GSGA and falling in love with some of the greyhounds at a meet and greet we took the plunge and adopted Fantom, a 4 year old, 75 pound male. We didn't know it then, but it turns out that almost the biggest breed of them all has the biggest heart.

I'll never forget the look on my in-laws' face when they first met Fantom. They kept saying over and over again "he's sooo big!". We had gotten use to Fantom, so he didn't look big to us... that is, until we introduced him to my in-law's pit bull who without effort ran right under Fantom through his legs without even grazing him. Now we tell the in-laws that our dog isn't big, their dogs are small.
All the dogs are good friends now and my in-laws say that Fantom even has a calming effect on their dogs when he's around.

GSGA was so helpful with the adoption. In preparing to take Fantom home, I read several greyhound books, but it was the member's experienced advice that really helped.
Although shy at first, it wasn't long before Fantom made himself at home. Now he enjoys playing with his stuffed bunny, sleeping upside–down or taking over the couch… or sometimes letting us share his bed with him (as long as we're giving him belly rubs).

Now I can't imagine my life without Fantom and as we gear up to move into our first house we're considering bringing home another.

This story was submitted by greyhound owners Emily and Ivan