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You are here: Greyhound Dog Adoption > Greyhound Stories > Kizzy's Story

After All I Read . . .
I Knew a Rescued Greyhound Racer Would Be For Me
Kizzy's Story

I've always had lots of dogs and cats, but 13 years ago when I bought my 800 sq. ft. condo (on two floors with no deck or patio), I decided it was way too small for a big dog, so I settled in with just my cat. For years, it was okay. I am a professional petsitter and dogwalker, so I would get my "doggie fixes" from my clients' dogs. It was greyt, I didn't have to go home at night and walk my own dog, I didn't have the mess, or the expense.

Then I was hired to take care of a 12 week old Golden Retriever puppy, twice a day, 5 days a week. Despite all my efforts, I fell head over heels for this adorable puppy, but I was also constantly reminded how much work it is to raise a puppy. I began doing research on "big dogs for small spaces", and two breeds kept coming up; the Akita, and the Rescued Greyhound. I walk an Akita on a regular basis who is the sweetest dog, but they are animal aggressive and stubborn as all getout. I like to socialize with my dog, and I have a cat, so I decided against getting an Akita. The more I read about Rescued Greyts, the more interested I was.

One day as I was leaving my local Trader Joe's (which is next door to a Pet Food Express), I saw a man with 4 Greyhounds walking across the parking lot. I accosted him with my shopping cart (of course it was Stu), drove home to put away my frozen food, and rushed back to the Meet and Greet at the Pet Food Express. Once there, I sat on the ground with the dogs for at least 2 hours. I wanted to absorb them, and ask lots of questions because I know what a huge responsibility getting a dog is. I left still thinking about it, but by the time I got home, I was sold. I filled out the on-line application, and Stu called me that night. My home visit was the next day, and I got Kizzy 3 days later. I named him Kismet, which means "meant to be". He usually goes by Kizzy, Kizz, or Mr. Kizmitti, although when food is involved, he comes to anything!

I have had Kizzy for 4 years and 3 months, and we are a Greyt team. I had to do some adjusting since I'd never had a sighthound, or a hound of any kind before. I must have phoned/emailed Stu and Barbara 50 times the first year, and every time they returned my call promptly. Kizzy is a wonderful guy, I am so happy every day for him. He is a wonderful companion and friend. Although he is a couch potato, and we do enjoy hanging out on the sofa with Clara the cat, some of our other favorite things to do include going for car rides, walks, and I also take him on "lite" hikes. He has several best friends, both Rescued Greyts, and other kinds of dogs. One of his first friends and best buds is a Golden who taught him to like water. He goes alot of places with me, so he needed to develop the social skills to get along with other types of dogs, as well as people. I'm greytful that he has, he's amazingly easy and versatile. He can be stubborn too, fortunately for those moments, they make doggie treats!

Not only am I happy I adopted a Rescued Greyhound, I'm very happy that I adopted through GSGA. They have provided me with tons of support, plus we have a private web site that is an incredible resource, we socialize through playdates during the summer, an annual Reunion Picnic in September, and Meet and Greets throughout the year. We are a dedicated group of people who really love our own and each others' Rescued Greyhounds, and I'm happy to be counted as one of them.

This story was submitted by greyhound owner Kris Kahn