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You are here: Greyhound Dog Adoption > Greyhound Stories > Louise and Nakitas Story

Adopting Greyhound Brood Matron's
Louise and Nakita's Story

The question has been asked of me, "why do I love adopting the older greyhounds?"

My answer is very simple, the senior brood matrons are very loving, extremely easy to integrate into "retirement" life and family life, plus they are willing to please like no other, and they make wonderful representatives at Meet and Greets.

I am proudly loved and owned by two, soon to be three, amazing senior greyhounds that Golden State Greyhound Adoptions has allowed me to take into my home. When I first was approached with the concept of adopting an older dog, I really wasn't interested in the idea, but after discussing it with my husband and family, we figured that we would give it a try. I was also aided with a picture of Louise, and one look at her sweet face, her dark eyes that are framed with white fur, we knew this was a decision that was made with love and respect for this magnificent breed of dog, that we have come to love and dedicate ourselves to. My only question was; would Louise fit in with our younger greyhounds and little dogs?

Louise was 9.5 years old when I adopted her and I was excited to go to the airport to pick her up. When she arrived out of the cargo area, I was feeling so sorry for this little red gal, she was shaking and nervous about what was going to happen to her, especially since all she has known is track life, having puppies and being in the system. As I opened Louise's crate, she hesitantly took her first step towards retirement and her first big leap into my heart. There was no looking back now, I was in love. Louise fit into my home within 30 minutes of arrival. She sniffed her new surrounding, her new companions and her new family. It almost seems as if she knew this was going to be her forever home. Louise has made our sofas her permanent residence and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our next senior brood that came into our lives is 8 year old Nakita. Nakita is a half sister to our Louise and in the same amazing senior brood fashion, she arrived into our home and came to a quick realization that this will be her forever home. Nakita has managed to pick out her favorite pet bed (she doesn't like the sofa life) and favorite squeaky toys within a couple of hours and has made herself a resident to retirement and our family. The love that these older gals give is just beyond anything I can explain. They are always willing to please, always ready to give you all of the love you need and are forever grateful to be by your side.

I can't thank Stu and Barbara Homer of Golden State Greyhound Adoptions for the amazing opportunities to love and spoil these much deserving seniors. I look forward to when Powie, my 11 year old senior arrives. These senior brood matrons can be addicting, but that is a good thing, one should never just have one amazing senior.

This story was submitted by greyhound owners Chris and Krewe