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Getting Adjusted to Your New Greyhound

  • During the car ride home talk soothingly to your new dog. Try to put him/her at ease.
  • Be careful closing doors! Make sure your greyhound's tail is safely out of harms way.
  • Right after the car ride home, before you go into your house, walk your hound so he/she can relieve itself. Make sure you walk your hound in the area you want it to do its "business".
  • Your greyhound has lived its entire life in a kennel in a 3X4 crate 18 hours a day. Many have never seen the inside of a house. They need to be introduced to all the strange things in your home. Mirrors, stairs even the noise from the garbage disposal.
  • Wait a few days before showing off your dog. Give your greyhound time to adjust to you, its new surroundings and let your new pet rest up after its trip to California.
  • Panting, whining, restlessness, sweaty paws, dripping noses and diarrhea are all signs of initial stress. They should disappear once your dog feels secure and knows the routine.
  • You will not see your greyhounds' true personality for a few days. It usually takes 3 to 5 days for him/her to get comfortable and start to trust you. They may test your patience to prove you love them!!
  • The greyhounds "grin", can look very scary. When your greyhound is happy and excited to see you, he may pull his upper front lip up (looking like a snarl) usually with his front end down and rear end up, and may nip at you. He isn't attacking, it is a love bite! (We recommend you discourage the nipping - while they usually do it gently, if your dog gets too excited, it can hurt).
  • Be careful if your greyhound is allowed in the garage. Antifreeze is lethal to all animals and has a sweet almond smell and taste that is attractive to animals. Also, be careful of what may be within reach of your greyhound. This would include rat or mice poisons, etc.
  • Your dog may drink more water at first so make sure you give him/her a chance to relieve itself more often for the first few days.
  • Change of food and water may cause diarrhea. If you see no change in two or three days call us immediately or call your Vet.
  • The rules of the house should have already been discussed with your family. Establish good habits at the start. Your family should be consistent in their demands. Your hound likes routine and consistency or else will be confused and very stressed.
  • Everyone should use the same command words. A firm NO along with positive reinforcement will suffice for discipline. A heavy hand is not needed. Greyhounds are very voice sensitive. Correct!, do not punish!
  • Do not use the word NO and your dogs name together. "NO" stands alone and is for discipline only. You do not want to associate negativity with your hounds name.
  • Your Greyhound is sensitive. It has had very little human contact. Treat your dog with kindness. It does not yet know how to please. All it wants to do is trust someone. Pleasing will come later.


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