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Recommended Items

  • Never, ever use choke collars or collars with metal prongs or an electric shock collar. Golden State Greyhound Adoption provides you with a basic greyhound collar and has other fancy collars for sale.
  • Dog coats are sold by Golden State Greyhound Adoption to protect your hound in cold weather, and special toothbrushes for teeth cleaning.
  • Items you will need for your hound (for those who live near a PetFood Express we get 20% off your initial purchases). All items below can be found at your local Petfood Express:
    • 48" x 33" wire crate.
    • Dog Pillows, we suggest the Mammouth or any firm large pillow.
    • Food and dog treats, water stand, metal food and water bowls, and a food storage bin with a secure cover to keep out insects.
    • Squeaky toys, nylabones, traveling mat for the dog to lay on rather than concrete.
    • Stain, odor and spot removers.
    • Mild shampoo and toothpaste (C.E.T.) can be bought at your vet.
    • For flea protection we recommend Advantage, if you need flea and tick prevention we recommend Frontline.



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